Somaliland: British Delegation to arrive in Somaliland shortly for mediations

The UK gov’t decides to send a high level delegation to Hargeisa, Somaliland capital today.

A UK gov’t minister is leading the deleagtion to Somaliland and is due to hold talks with Presiden Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo in the first place.

The mission of the British delegation is to start mediation efforts to end the poltical squable that impacted the gov;t and Kulmiye’s ruling party.

The UK delegation set to hold talks with the most influencial ministers who tendered resignations from offices due to political difference over who should be the next ruling Kulmiye flag bearer.

The British delegation is to discuss with ministers over the current political situation that the country is faced with and other overriding issues that are of common interest to the UK gov’t.

More than gov’t officials have resigned from their posts after they cited that the incumbent president of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Silanyo has sided with Chairman Musa Bihi over the presidential party nomination once Silanyo retires from political life.

The ministers all resigned on October the 26 which many political analysts said that the move was plot intended to dismantle the smooth running of the gov’t headed by Ahmed Silanyo.

Kulmiye, the ruling Somaliland party won the presidential elections in 2010 in an overwhelming vote and defeated its main rival UDUB, the former ruling party under the rule of former Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin.

Lately, UDUB was dismantled over the wrangle on who should be the next flag bearer just the one that the current Kulmiye party is facing and has led the party to split into two camps.

The international community played a major role in mediating the gov’t and the opposition on numerous ocassions.

The issues that the IC come to Somaliland’s rescue range from political thorny issues to elections dispute.

Somaliland’s democracy relies on clan qouta based system under the supervision of so-called political parties is currently going through in the most difficult political, security and economic stages.

The wrangle which has split the party into two groups caused the concern of both Somaliland people and that of the international community which has a lot to save the tiny unrecognized state in the Horn of Africa from facing political turmoil.

Somaliland is a broke away state that seceded from Somalia in 199 but fortuntely escaped much of the chaos that plauged by decades of civil war, piracy and terrorsim which are rampant.