Djibouti plans to deploy additional troops in Somalia

Djibouti is planning to send troops to Somalia following federal government’s plea for support to fight against Alshabaab.

The Red Sea state’s chief of army, Zakariye Sheikh Ibrahim said plans to dispatch the troops to Somalia are underway.

Following the October 14 truck bombing in Mogadishu which killed over 400 people, Somalia President called IGAD countries to support an offensive that is aimed to crackdown Al-shabaab footholds in the country.

Djibouti is one of the countries that contribute troops to the African Union-led peacekeeping force in Somalia.

It has thousands of peacekeepers securing in Somalia’s Hiiraan region.

Somali leaders this month agreed a joint counteroffensive plan which is against Al-shabaab milatants, a group which pledges support to Al-Qaeda.

The country’s military backed continental forces have begun operations to flush Alshabaab out of Somalia. Al-Shabaab which is an Al-Qaida affiliate group seeks to impose strict Sharia version and heap on its deadly attacks in Somalia.