Somaliland: Registration of participants of KULMIYE convention kicks off

The registration of the powerful central committee members of the ruling Kulmiye party kicked of at the organization’s headquarters yesterday.

The exercise which is part of the preparations in readiness for the party’s national convention next month also saw the issuance of identification cards to the participants.

The exercise is slated to go on for a whole week. The convention which will see the nomination, secondment and ultimate election of the party’s official presidential candidate is due to be held on the 10th of November 2015.

About a hundred members went through the exercise yesterday, amongst them the city Mayor Cllr. Abdirahman Mohammed Aideed.

The party’s 1st Vice Chairman Mr. Mohammed Kahin who held a press conference at the venue said that the IDs were a pre-requisite for the members to have whereby forms with specific details of participating individuals are filled with personal photos attached.

“This is in par to the regulations as specified in the amendments made in the last general assembly”, said Mr. Kahin.

The list of the members were copied to the judiciary, Attorney general, solitor general, the national electoral commission and the upper house of parliament.

The Horn Tribune