Somaliland: Jostling for Presidential Aspirancy Premature- Adami

Hon Ahmed Haji Ali Cadami, Minister of Defense has given in-depth information on the circumstance surrounding the injuries sustained by the commander in charge of Somaliland national Army based in Bahdan region and the resurgence of power struggle in the ruling party “KULMIYE” during an interview with Dawan our sister Somali language newspaper.

The Minister of Defense began by elaborating how Captain Yassin Osman Salax ,commander in charge of Somaliland national Army based in Bahdan region incurred bodily injury in which he stated,

“The national army officer was travelling in his official vehicle when he came across two male teenagers involved in a scuffle near the Badhan University , that’s when he decided to alight his vehicle in a bid to intervene to stop the ongoing fight but things took another twist when the captains armed personal bodyguard pistol accidently went off firing two shots which went straight through the officers body.”

“The injured officer was then rushed to Badhan regional hospital where he is now receiving treatment for the light injuries sustained during the incidence and the doctor in charge last night told us the life of the officer is out of danger and his in a stable condition”, he stated.

Hon Cadami further added, “The officers body guard has being currently ordered not to leave the Badhan army garrison.

On the other hand, the Defense Minister responding to question by our reporter on if he was planning to run for the top post of the ruling party and the resurgence in recent times of power struggle among members in the party’s top echelons especially at a time when the party’s convention is around the corner.

The Defense Minister while carefully weighing his words answered “To my knowledge, I am only aware of four candidates of who have come forward publicly to announce their candidacy’s led by the current party chairman Hon Muse Bihi Abdi, Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Abdiaziz Samaale , the former Minister of Finance and Hon Ahmed Abdi Nuur Kijandhe and there may be other potential candidates who have not yet announced their intentions to run because the party constitution allows them to run come the convention, although, I would say they all have being hasty considering the time in announcing the candidacy which was supposed to coincide with holding of the convention.

Hon Cadami went on to say, “I , would also like to inform you of grievances raised during a recent meeting chaired by H.E Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael “Saylic” who is the acting President and of which I , myself and the Minister of Interior in which they expressed their reservations regarding the current party criteria in filling vacant positions in the official central committee nomination list but the party constitution clearly clarifies on that issue and as stipulated in the constitution posts left vacant in case of defections or due to death shall be filled by one of those party members who the departed represented period.

When asked if he was personally supporting a certain candidate he had this to say, “I, believe the timing is premature and I can’t answer the question now but however, I am sure, I will do so when the right time comes but I would like to urge my fellow party’s members to hold their hands together and present one united front under the leadership President Silanyo and to conduct themselves in a decent and civilized manner during the upcoming party convention.

The Horn Tribune