Somaliland: State calls for unity and stabilty in the wake of KULMIYE convention


The VP and the whole of the cabinet appealed for unity, stability, reason, understanding, sanity and sense of brethrenship within the KULMIYE political party at an extraordinary meeting held yesterday at the Presidency.

The call came at a time when the political climate has hottened and climbed up steeply, pitting camps against each other in readiness for the ruling party’s convention just weeks away, in which the presidential ticket is up for grabs.

According to the Presidential spokesman Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul the cabinet held an extra-ordinary meeting yesterday under the leadership of the VP H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Saili’i whereby the council of the cabinet called for the voice of reason to prevail and that stability be maintained as aspirants jostle for the flag-bearership of the party’s mantle for the upcoming general elections.

“As it is known that the party’s convention is around the corner, the administration appealed for unity within the party such that the assembly may bear fruits”.

He said that the legacy of the Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo should not be undermined given the long journey the party has taken.

“The President who founded the party jumped over several hurdles to ultimately lead Kulmiye to triumph hence tomorrow’s extension of this truimphacy depends on the unity and stability maintained today”, said the spokesman.

He continued, “Let the legacy be not derailed for the national stability depended on it”, he appealed to the aspirants.

He asked them to invoke voices of reason and wisdom that has no tinges of mudsling such that transparent, free, fair and credible electioneering may bear fruits in an equilibrium of justice and equality.

He said that the President who is abroad in Europe is expected to jet back to the country within these days or so.

The government appealed for the rule of law.

The Horn Tribune