Somaliland:I’m not a member of any political party though I am a little Political-Prof Ahmed Samatar

Prof. Ahmed Ismael Samater has for the first time revealed regardless of his political ambitions he hasn’t yet decided to join any of the three official political organizations in the country although constantly consults with leaders but he eventually expects to join one in the future.

The Academician cum politician who is currently touring the Netherlands in an interview with Journalist Seed Gurey of , a Somali language website dispelled speculations of him meeting with President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo to discuss the probability of him joining the ruling party”, KULMIYE” in the near future.

Prof. Samatar responding to the question had this to say, “I have several times in the past said, I am not aligned to any of the three political organizations although I am in constant touch with their leaders but I haven’t still now joined any at the present.

When the politician was asked which of the three political parties he would prefer to join in the future he answered, “I, before abandoning the Somaliweyn dream as you’re well aware I formed my own party but that isn’t the case here because I can’t form a party because as things currently stand only three political parties are allowed so that leaves me no other choice but to join one of existing official political organizations and I do respect those who founded these parties , members and representatives in the national assembly for their efforts and hard work over the years , I am in the process of negotiating with the various concerned parties and I do expect to eventually come to a decision soon rather than later.

Prof. Ahmed Ismael Samater concluded by saying, “I must acknowledge, Somaliland has achieved much and also the current government led President Silanyo has initiated many development projects and still continues today nonetheless much still needs to be done so as a nation, to evaluate what the impact of all those years and the need to bring a new team who are able to move things forward and I hope get the privilege to be part of such a team but let’s leave that chapter for the future , what we ought to do as citizens is to uphold our nation’s quest for full diplomatic recognition.