Somaliland: Wadani opposition leaders hold talks with Deputy President Abdirahman Saylici

Somaliland’s Deputy President, Abdirahman Ismail Saylici has held talks with senior Wadani opposition party today which happened at the vice president’s residence in Hargeisa.

Although the media were barred but discussions focused on the curent riots that rocked Borama, Awdal regional capital, the transfer of Berbera Oil Terminal which caused widespread instability in Sahil, and lack of security that Erigavo, Sanaag’s regional capital has faced were the main issues high on the agenda of the talks.

Deputy Wadani chairman, Ahmed Mumin Seed who spoke to the media after the meeting said that while We Wadani could not turn a blind eye on the bloodshed in Borama have decided to hold talks with the deputy pesident.

Mr. Seed said that their objective was to sit down with the DP and talk with him on the current situation in Somaliland.

He told that the DP has received them warmly and accepted to take all advices we offered to him.

He added that the DP reassured to take swift actions againts the killings in Borama.

Wadani General Secretary, Uurade has said that they riased with the DP on the issue of the gov’t decision to handover Berbera Oil facility Storage.

He said that he told them to respond to their concerns with immediacy.

On the other hand, Wadani advisor on foreign affairs, Fatumo Said has accused the violence that broke out in Borama of the government.

Ms. Fatumo stated that Borama enjoyed peace, stability and its people are peace loving but she pointed an accusatory finger on the government that it is instigating violence.

Ms. Fatumo sent sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones.