Kenya:Kenyan churches tighten security after Al-Shabaab kills 148 university students

Churches in Garissa town and its environs on Sunday tightened security following a terrorist attack at Garissa University College on Thursday that claimed 148 lives.

A spot check by Xinhua revealed that all the 36 churches in Garissa town doubled the number of armed security officers from three to six.

The normally packed Christian churches experienced a low turnout on Sunday as worshippers stayed at home due to security fears.

One of the largest churches in Garissa town, the East African Pentecostal Church (EAPC), recorded a 50 percent drop in the number of worshippers.

The Church’s priest, Ibrahim Makunyi told reporters his parishioners expressed fear over a possible terrorist attack.

“We should not let fear overcome us and must unite as a people despite religious differences to fight terrorism. There is no religion that support killings,” said Makunyi.

He survived a terrorist attack in 2012 and has championed for inter-religious dialogue to fight this menace.

“Kenyans are worried by the wave of terror that has terminated the lives of young and promising citizens. We need radical measures to prevent future attacks,” Makunyi remarked.

Christians residing in Garissa town kept a low profile on Sunday as they discussed the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in the region.