Somaliland: Gov’t to carry out investigations on the death of two youngesters in Borama

Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Yusuf Osman Garas has expressed his sorrow over the death of young boy who was killed in a police shooting yesterday during the violence that erupted in the match between Awdal and Marodi Jeh at Haji Dahir stadium.

He demanded from police and security forces to stop using live bullets when it comes to dispersing crowds of people during riots or once violence breaks out.

He said that an immediate investigation will be carried out concerning on the circumstances of the death of two young innocent civilians who died in Borama.

Deputy sports minister has accused Marodi Jeh regional squad of violating the soccer rules for the tournament after the team protested to allow Awdal team to kick the penalty for the fault committed nearby the Marodi Jeh goalpost.

Marodi Jeh team has been expelled from the tourament due to defying the relugations of the soccer tournament.

On the other hand, the match that was supposed to take place today in Borama between Hawd and Buhodle teams has been postponed.