Somaliland: Kulmiye Leader Urges Citizens to Help National Parties Win Over Tribal Values

‘We need to keep in mind that a traditional leader (Sultan) is the head of one clan, as a Chief-Aqil is the head of a sub-clan, but the President is the Head & Sultan of all the people in this nation, Somaliland’

KULMIYE Presidential Candidate: ‘The Main Pillar of Peace is the self-trust among our community, in order to achieve complete social harmony.’

The Chairman and Presidential Candidate of Ruling Party KULMIYE Mr. Mouse Bihi Abdi speaking at a ceremony held in Berbera for the opening of voter registration cards which is going to kick off in SAHIL region highlighted issues pertaining; Somaliland’s statehood, development, people’s unity and self-trust, equality, how Somaliland can achieve its long time waiting recognition, the need for Somaliland’s national political parties to win over tribalism as well as the difference between a President and a traditional leader (Sultan).

“If we want to have a democratic system, initially we should put our faith on our nation’s administrative system and its governance. The people are similarly required not to be faithful on their tribes, but should strongly act otherwise and become loyal to their government, as well as their national political parties, rather than their clans, as this can help political parties grow and become much stronger than the beliefs and customs of a tribal society.

“The only way we can realize and achieve our recognition is to also respect and trust our Somaliland’s nationhood and its government.”

KULMIYE’s Presidential hopeful candidate similarly noted about the significance of the voter registration cards for the nation’s peace, unity, democratization process, fraud free elections and for the political parties as well.

“We are one family, called Somaliland. We are only one. We are united and all of the same or similar kind or nature “a close-knit homogeneous group” in the sides of culture, and religion. We all have the same view on the supremacy of law and that no one is above the law, and that all the people are equal in every aspect. We are all saying this. We are all talking about the disadvantage of tribalism and the injustice, but in the meantime we are behaving otherwise and are not honest about that, and truly this is the biggest challenge in our community,” Said Mouse Bihi Abdi, Chairman of Ruling Party.

Mr. Bihi speaking about the unity and the need of self-trust among community noted, “Peace has pillars. Its main pillar is the self-trust among our community. We need our community – where ever they are from, both far east and west – to integrate and that every Somalilander feels to have the freedom of moving to any place where he can get better jobs, can create trade or reside with freedom. We need to have a complete social harmony. As such, those values can’t simultaneously go together the beliefs and customs of a tribal society and truly social harmony can’t be in place when we as a community have a strong loyalty to one’s tribe or group.

“Our stability is threatened when conflict occurs, and the reason is that we put it in a tribal phase. Conflict and the human being are brothers and will always go alongside each other, as killings and clashes will repeatedly occur in every community; but community succeeds when they limit their conflicts in order to make it a constructive one rather than a destructive.

“For We have created a government in order to preserve as well as sustain peace and stability. We need to keep in mind that a traditional leader (Sultan) is the head of one clan, as a Chief-Aqil is the head of a sub-clan, but the President is the head and the Sultan of all the people of this nation, Somaliland. It is unfortunate that it sometimes happens when some groups of our community didn’t trust our government and try to take and execute the laws with their hands by taking guns, as we all know that agencies of our national security forces do their duties equally for all Somalilanders.”

SL Monitor