Somaliland: Information Minister Meets Online Media Publishers, Shares Plans For Ministry

The Minister of Information and National Guidance Hon. Osman Abdullahi Sahardid better known as Addani on Wednesday met with Somaliland Online Website Association in an unprecedented meeting at the office of Ministry of Information and National Guidance. The meeting was focused on the bolstering of bilateral relationship between the Ministry and the media practitioners particularly SOMA board.

High dignitaries including Somaliland Online Website Association members, Director General Mr Ilka Ase, the veteran journalist Mr Wayab and other journalists attended the meeting. The chairman of SOMA, Mustafe Jannaale, was among the journalists who met the minister.

Mr Addani, Somaliland’s Minister of Information and National Guidance, called the journalists to fully participate the strive and dedication of Somaliland to keeping the peace, prosperity and stability of this nation. He urged all website managers to keep the ethics of journalism and avoid broadcasting any news that is threat to Somaliland’s peace and ebullience.

Similarly, the Ministry of Information and National Guidance reiterated the need to regularly swap information and share ideas in order address issues pertaining the challenges of journalism in Somaliland. Mr Addani called on the indispensability to avoid receiving horrendous nonsense news that would bring about the clash between two neighboring clans.



  1. Keeping peace and stability of Somaliland
  2. Spreading horrendous news that may cause clash of clans
  3. The necessity to avoid a traditional leader uttering offensive words that is threat to the nation’s peace and stability
  4. The importance of having an alternative name for tribe – a district, town, city and province can be used instead naming a tribe.
  5. Bolstering the economic ties between Somaliland and Ethiopia and avoiding any thing that may harm this relationship
  6. Avoiding the personal reputation and sifting the scandals of the citizens
  7. And finally it was discussed the freedom of media in Somaliland

Prior to the meeting, the Minister of Information and National Guidance met Somaliland Journalists Association SOLJA,TV managers, and papers. Nevertheless, Minister Adan’s unwavering dedication and commitment is dramatically increasing as this shows a new era for Somaliland media which is expected to further be fruitful in the forthcoming years.