Somaliland: Outgoing Danish Ambassador says Denmark will step up development funding

Danish ambassador  accredited to Kenya His Excellency, Geert Aagaard Andersen has today paid his farewell call on ‎President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo of the Republic of Somaliland.

At the conclusion of the meeting the two sides had, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Mohamed Behi Yonis, and Ambassador Andersen spoke to the media.

“Let me take this opportunity to once again thank the Danish ambassador and the Danish government for their ” support they have given to Somaliland,” the Somaliland FM said. “The ambassador was a very close friend to Somaliland.”

[quote]“It is a sad day in which he is leaving,” he went on to say  “but we are much confident that he will represent the concerns of Somaliland in Denmark and again we hope he will come back to this country one day and once again thank you for your support.”[/quote]

“Thanks a lot Foreign Minister. We had a very nice conversation with His Excellency, the president,” the outgoing Ambassador said.

“First of all, ” he said “let me wish all people of Somaliland good Ramadan. I know it is time of reflection and peace where you are spending time together with your families.”

Mr. Andersen said the two sides had had  wonderful  5 years in which the two sides mutually enjoyed and respected cordial relations, turned a lot of stones and what we have seen that we have always been able to find better grounds.

“We have turned a lot of stones and we have always been able to find better grounds”, he said.

“We have been able to expand and deepen our cooperation”, the Ambassador continued to say. “We are providing more funding up here because we see that the ground is fertile for development”.

Ambassador Andersen wished all Somaliland people, the president and the government all the best in their future endeavors in  trying to turn Somaliland into a prosperous and rich country.