Somaliland: June 26 Last Day Of Silaanyo’s Mandate

What was left out of this equation and a real concern for a great number of people is the framework and the process that will address what kind of entity will be running the country after June 26 2015?, is there going to be a coalition government made out of the three parties or a simple extension of the Silaanyo’s administration term? , what does the Constitution say about the circumstances that would dictate extending a presidential term?, the Constitution clearly allows extending the term of the President for one reason only if there is a lack of security that does not allow the election to take place, the reason given by the NEC for extending the term of the President is that it is not possible to complete the voter registration process before Nov 2015!!, and It was the NEC’s job to point this out to all concerned and remind everyone that despite the lack of registered voters the country had undergone four very successful elections that were largely responsible in putting Somaliland on the world stage as a cut above compared to its neighbors and perhaps most of Africa!!.


What is in it for the opposition parties WADDANI and UCID to agree to extend President Silaanyo’s term for 6 months?, the only solution for the crisis now is to build up and National Coalition Government after June 26?, 6 month government can led to bring election to Somaliland by Dec 2015, what will they do if Silaanyo ignores the calls to build a national government?, is there a potential for instability and the possibility of further unforeseen negative impacts on the upcoming elections?, the people need now a Coalition Government and no one is trusting silaanyo administration to hold a elections, therefore it must be a national government runs Somaliland after 26 June till the election day, nobody need war but the actions of silaanny’s Government like to create war inside Somaliland.


I like to bring down her List of countries that runs by coalition government in Africa and their parties and should Somaliland be in this list after June 2015:


Algeria: National Liberation Front, National Rally for Democracy, Movement of Society for Peace.


Gabon: Gabonese Democratic Party, National Woodcutters’ Rally – Rally for Gabon, Democratic and Republican Alliance, Circle of Reformist Liberals, Social Democratic Party, Rally of Republican Democrats, African Development Movement.


Guinea-Bissau: African Independence Party of Guinea and Cape Verde, Party for Social Renewal.


Kenya: Party of National Unity, Orange Democratic Movement, Kenya African National Union, Forum for the Restoration of Democracy , United Democratic Movement, National Rainbow Coalition – Kenya.

Mauritania: Rally of Democratic Forces, Union of Forces of Progress, Independents.


Mauritius: Mauritian Labor Party, Militant Socialist Movement, Mauritian Social Democrat Party.

Morocco: Justice and Development Party, Popular Movement, Party of Progress and Socialism. (Ongoing cabinet reshuffle)

Senegal: Senegalese Democratic Party, Union for Democratic Renewal.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai.


By Mukhtar Elmi