Somaliland: President appeals to Djibouti president to end the standoff in the talks

HARGEISA- The President of the Republic of Somaliland His Excellency Ahmed M. Silanyo is reported to have sent an official letter to his Djibouti counterpart Mr. Ismail Omar Gelleh appealing to him to find a solution to the failed talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

In the letter, President Silanyo informed the president of Djibouti that Somalia has derailed the ongoing talks and further demanded that Ismial should ask the president of Somalia to refrain from the decision to include Somalia delegates members that ethnically hail from Somaliland provinces.

Mr. Silanyo has asked his Djibouti counterpart that he must do all he can to convince Somalia to come up with delegates that are hail from South to come to the negotiation table with those hailing from the the north (Somaliland).

Mr. Ahmed Silanyo, Somaliland president has argued that the North and the South united to form the greater Somalia.

The letter sent by Ahmed Silanyo to Djibouti president coincides a a time when the current Somali prime minister leading a delegation of foreign affairs minister and the information minister are with him and both hail from Somaliland are currently in Djibouti.

It is not yet apparent if President Ismail Gelle will raise the matter with Somali Prime Minister or not.

The talks which was supposed to open in Turkey failed to resume after Somaliland strongly protested the inclusion of members that hail from Somaliland to sit with Somaliland delegates.