Somalilander’s How Aware Are We of ISIS & the Many Flights to Turkey?

Aden Abdi Daher (Aden-Deeq)

I believe the government isn’t much aware of the international crisis ISIS created by recruiting and the so many Somalilander’s who flys to Turkey without any measured concern and follow ups. We are so busy with internal dispute that puts us at stakes to not be really aware of the real treat of ISIS recruitment programs and how ill prepared and vulnerable we are to counter our youth to fall into terrorism traps. This issue hasn’t been approached by the secret service which I believe isn’t as active as Dahir Riyaale era. And as a concern citizens who always write articles about concerned issues.

I believe that the situation in Yemen and Syria could affect us in some ways if we don’t put some strong measurements to our immigration systems by following up flight movements and costal movements as well. I believe that Turkey is a getaway door excape to not only Europe but also to ISIS to some, and that needs to be put under constant surveillance. It is not a secret that so many agencies offers Turkey visas and that all the youth dreams about is to get to Europe passing trough Turkey but the questions is do they all wanna get to Europe or some of them simply cross to Syria borders to join the Islamic State fighters.

The answer is we don’t know because we aren’t aware of that and that is due to pure innocence or naivety. I think that the so many Yemenite who are present in SOMALILAND should be checked because we don’t know if Al-Qaida Yemen got mix to the so many Yemenite who started many businesses in which we got no proper intelligence informations of their back grounds.

As a citizen it is my duty to raise this issues because it will help the government to be more concern so as the citizens who will get more vigilant to what actually is the biggest international concerns which are Iraq,Syria,Mali,Nigeria,Yemen and Libya to not escalate up to SOMALILAND.