Somaliland: Fire Chief says arrests have been made after State House Attack

Somaliland’s National Fire Brigade Chief announced on Saturday that arrests have been made after Ten firefighters were attacked while responding to a fire at a Hargeisa slum last Wednesday.

In an interview with Star TV, Chief Ahmed Mohamed Hasan ‘Swahili’ said that two young men have been arrested in connection with the attack. Swahili also stated that the remaining suspects have all been identified by police and that he expects that they will be caught soon.

“The police have detained the parents of the remaining suspects in an effort to convince the attackers into surrendering,” Swahili said.

Swahili also said that one of the firefighters might lose an eye due to the attack.

“One of the firefighters might lose an eye. He was viciously attacked with a large piece of wood,” Swahili said.

“Despite the devastating news, he remains very optimistic, I ask that we all keep him in our prayers,” Swahili said.

Star TV journalist Bedri Kozar then asked Swahili why his firefighters were not accompanied by police officers. Swahili replied that he never thought his firefighters would ever be attacked.

“We never thought about having police officers accompany us. We never thought our fellow citizens would ever attack us,” Swahili said.

Swahili says he hopes the police will find the rest of the attackers and bring them to justice.