Somaliland: Sweden to open diplomatic office in Somaliland

International donors in the Somaliland Democratization process arrived in SL  and held a meeting which took place in Hargeisa on Monday.

SL election stakeholders have finally endorsed the supreme court decision which stated firmly that the Guurti’s term extension for the president, vice president and the house of assembly was binding and in accordance with country’s national constitution.

The donor countries have concluded two days consecutive meeting after a delegation arrive in the country.

They promised to assist holding free and fair elections in Somaliland.

In addition, A Swedish delegation has arrived in Somaliland which intends to open a permanent office in the country.

If the news is confirmed then it will be a positive diplomatic step that Somaliland is to take in the right direction.

Denmark, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Turkey have functioning offices in Somaliland.

The European Union has taken a very strong position when it comes to the term extension unilaterally made by the Upper house of parliament.