Somaliland: Turkey to invest Berbera Port and Egal Airport

Hargeisa airport a gateway to Somaliland recognition
Hargeisa airport a gateway to Somaliland recognition

The Turkish government sent experts to Somaliland to assess the renovation projects to Hargeisa airport and Berbera port.

Turkey is planning to build a new terminal that will cost 25 million dollars to Hargeisa airport.

The experts embarked on an assessment tour to Berbera port to see the needs at the port.

Somaliland government has been informed by Turkish government that it is sincere to carry out development projects in Somaliland.

Kuwait has hugely funded the renovation of Hargeisa airport although there were reports that much of the funds had been corrupted by Somaliland minister in charge of civil aviation ministry.

Turkey hosts the dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia to discuss the future ties between the two administrations.