Djiboutian Prime Minister to visit Somaliland

Djiboutian Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed is expected to make a visit to Somaliland ‘very soon’, according to a Djiboutian parliamentary delegation currently in the country on a personal visit.

The group arrived in Hargeisa this week to meet with politicians and traditional elders from the Eastern Sanaag region.

The MP’s are said to be long-lost members of the Warsangeli clan, the dominant clan in the eastern Somaliland regions of East Sanaag and Badhan.

The delegation – which also hails from the same clan as PM Mohamed – told reporters on Friday that the Prime Minister is planning a visit to Somaliland to meet with his distant relatives.

The Prime Minister is also expected to meet with the senior government officials and President Silanyo during his trip.