British Somalilander entrepreneur donates $100,000 to national drought relief campaign

A prominent British-Somalilander entrepreneur donated $100,000 to Somaliland’s National Drought Relief Committee on Wednesday.

Mohammed Yusef, Chairman, and CEO of Invicta Capital made the announcement at a London Somaliland Conference that was organized by Somaliland’s Mission to the UK.

Yusef’s donation is said to be the largest individual donation from the diaspora since the national fundraising campaign was announced.

Last week, Somaliland’s National Drought Relief Committee announced that they were launching a fundraising campaign to raise $10 million for the nation’s drought victims.

Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday that they’re expecting diaspora communities to chip in $660,000 out of the $10 million.

Somaliland’s Mission to the UK is being tasked with raising $200,000 out of the $660,000, as the United Kingdom is home to the largest Somalilander population outside of Somaliland.