Somalia: U.S ambassador welcomes Galmudug pact, pledges support

The U.S embassy in Somalia has welcomed the new agreement in Galmudug between the Federal Government and Alhu Sunna group noting his country will lend support to implement the process

Ambassador Donald Yamamoto said the agreement was inclusive and crucial for the development of Galmudug state.

“The United States is committed to supporting these efforts and ensuring their implementation for the peace and stability of Somalia,” a statement from the embassy Thursday read in part following the unveiling of the agreement.

“The United States applauds the hard work of negotiators to reach an inclusive agreement that ensures the long-term stability and prosperity of Galmudug state, an important front for our combined efforts in fighting al-Shabaab.”

He also acknowledged previous reconciliation efforts in Galmudug including the agreement on the electoral mode.

Noting that Galmudug remained critical for the future development of Somalia, the Embassy said it remained committed to facilitating humanitarian aid, security assistance, and economic development for the people of Galmudug.