Somaliland: Waddani leader starts commotion outside Ainabo hospital, hurls insults at officers

Waddani party leader Hersi Ali Haji Hassan and fellow party supporters were blocked from entering Ainabo General Hospital yesterday after they attempted to hand over boxes of unspecified medicine and water bottles to patients suffering from cholera.

According to local reports, Hassan and a large crew of Waddani party supporters showed up at the hospital unannounced. The group was also accompanied by several journalists from local TV stations.

Sources say hospital staff members were informed of Hassan’s plans prior to his arrival and instructed local police officers to not let the group inside the compound.

Witnesses say Hassan and his colleagues began to threaten and verbally abuse the officers after they were refused entry into the hospital.

Somalilanders around the world are questioning Hassan’s moral integrity on social media and are applauding the hospital’s decision to not let the group inside.

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Many are wondering why Hassan and his supporters were so intent on visiting the patients, as cholera is a highly contagious disease. Many are also pointing out that the patients deserve respect as they battle the illness and should not be filmed by the press.