Somaliland: Dr. Bulhan vows to go on with Mogadishu trip after disagreement with government

Dr. Hussein Abdullahi Bulhan, founder and President of Frantz Fanon University, has vowed to go on with his plans to travel to Mogadishu after a disagreement with Somaliland’s government on the nature of his trip.

Bulhan announced on Thursday that he will be heading to Mogadishu to discuss Somaliland’s case for recognition with intellectuals from Somalia.

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Bulhan says the government recently expressed concerns over his trip and asked him to cancel it.

“I was never invited by the Government of Somalia, I was invited by intellectuals from Somalia” Bulhan told a reporter from Somali Cable TV.

“The Government said political talks with Somalia is a government issue and asked me to cancel my trip. They also expressed concern about the timing of my trip as the government is in its final months” said Bulhan

“I am not representing anyone but myself and it’s disappointing that the government is not supporting this initiative,” Bulhan added.

“I am a proud Somalilander, and I’m going to Mogadishu to promote the recognition of my country. I don’t have to ask anyone for permission”.

Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has yet to comment on Dr. Bulhan’s remarks.