Source: Waddani officials expected to quit party this week

Three senior Waddani officials are expected to resign within the coming days, according to a party insider.

A source within the party, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted The National on Sunday, stating that a mass resignation is expected to rock the party later this week.

Waddani MP Ibrahim Mahdi Buubaa, who also serves as the party’s spokesperson, Abdirashid Hassan Matan, Waddani’s information secretary, and MP Ibrahim Jama Ali Rayte are all expected to resign later this week.

According to the source, the officials are not happy with the party’s current direction and are said to be furious of the influence of a secret group of elders that are calling the shots behind the scenes.

Reports of the secret group of elders, also known as themusdanbeed’ in Somali, have been circulating for the past few months.

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Last week, Abdullah Mohammed Farah Jirdeh, Waddani’s Deputy Interior Secretary, resigned from his position for the same reason.

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Jirdeh also confirmed that the group does exist, and promised to reveal more information about the group’s influence in the near future.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.