Somaliland: Security beefed up in Burao as two rival youth gangs Clash

Security has been beefed up in the country’s second largest city (Burao)with intensified patrolling and checking off places of accommodation to prevent anti-social elements from creating any law and order issues as today(Monday).

Round-the-clock surveillance and intensive vehicle checks have been put in place to “prevent the movement and influx of anti-socials,” one resident said.

The measures come at a time when the town has seen increased clashes in the past couple of weeks between hoodlums reportedly loyal to two rival youth gangs.

“The Police officers in Burao have been instructed to conduct round-the-clock checks of all suburbs, business and residential areas and other public places to prevent anti-socials and rowdy elements from taking shelter with the intention to create law and order issues,” unnamed police source said.