Somaliland: Can Hyperinflation be a positive indication for Things to Come?

On Thursday,the 13th April 2017, a large demonstration took place in bustling business district of Hargeisa city , citizens protesting against the ever rising Hyperinflation that has hit the country and which has been going on for a long time.

The Central Bank weak financial management has caused devaluation of the Somaliland shilling value to the American dollar . What do we need to do as Somaliland citizens? For the government to put professional people in the Central Bank of Somaliland. To produce local food & increase the exportation of local materials. We need to change our thinking, to fix our problems.

The positive thing about this Hyperinflation is, it’s an indicator that there is something very wrong with the way we manage money in our country and we need to change that by bring professional people to the right place and start producing local foods and consuming it. Crisis brings people together at least in Somaliland, so study and analyze this hyperinflation to prevent it from happening again.