Somalia: Al Shabaab facing cash crunch – brief

Al Shabaab militia in Somalia are experiencing a financial crunch that has weakened operations, Kenya security agencies say.

A brief seen by the Star shows the Jabha unit of fighters have not been paid for several months.

It states that top al Shabaab leaders have been spending money on cars, houses and security leaving the regular fighters unpaid.

The authorities have also cited the recent killing of 150 recruits in a single attack by the US drone describing it as a “major drawback”.

“There has been reluctance from would-be recruits due to heavy casualties. Al Shabaag has resorted to propaganda to entice recruits by creating an impression of hardened fighters while in reality, they are desperately looking for ways of increasing their dwindling numbers,” the brief said.

The bulk of weapons Al Shabaab took from Amisom has been destroyed, the brief said.

Al Shabaab took substantial weapons from KDF troops during the January 15 El Adde attack that left an unknown number of Kenyan soldiers dead.

Some of the equipment was destroyed immediately by KDF.

The authorities have also said al Shabaab attacks on Amisom bases are designed as suicide missions because of the uncertainty of success.

Al Shabaab is no longer a religious cause but “a business built on profits from the working people of Somalia” the brief said.

The identity of at least two top Al Shabaab commanders killed in last Saturday’s United States drone attack has been revealed.

Regional commander Yusuf Ugas and al Shabaab Hiran region governor Mohamed Mire were among those killed.

Abdiasis Durow, district commissioner in Buloburte, said the two were attending the closing ceremony of a month-long training for new recruits.

The Star