Somaliland: National Army confiscates vessel full of light weapons and ammunitions

A vessel full of light weapons and ammunition has docked the port of Maydh in Sanaag region last night at around 2.

The weapons was owned by a resident in the region and once Somaliland defense forces have gotten the news that they dispatched units and exchanged fire over militia men who are next kin of the man thought to possess the weapons that was full of the dhow.

Somaliland defense forces who are always vigilant to prevent any threat have pursued the militia men.

The DF launched man hunt operation in Awr Gaab and the man who clamied to own the weapons has fled to farms in Hared and army is still chasing him.

The brave men and women in uniform have confiscated the dhow full of light weapons and ammunitions.

Sanaag regional police chief, Asayr has confirmed that investigations are underway in Hared with the suspicion that the weapons might have been hidden.

The defense forces have captured the truck that was carrying the weapon which later was full of orange.

Reports indicate that the weapons were bought from Yemen which has been impacted by civil wars.

Residents in the north of Erigavo, Sanaag’s provincial capital were the real owners of the military weapons.

The weapons are thought to be handed over by Huthi militia in Yemen and are believed to be bought by man who is the causin of the truck driver that was carrying the light weapons.