Somaliland: President Silanyo to Submit DP World Agreement to the House of Representatives on this Week

President of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo
H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) - President of Somaliland

Somaliland Cabinet of Ministers on their Tuesday’s meeting at the Presidency chaired by the President have approved the investment agreement on Berbera Port development that president Silanyo government had reached with the DP World, a Dubai based company.

This has been stated in a press release issued by the Spokesperson of Somaliland Presidential Palace Mr. Abdirahman Sh. Elmi Fahiye (Shamah).

Mr. Shamah added that Minister of Presidency Mahmoud Hashi Abdi who was speaking on behalf of the members of the council of the ministers justified why President Silanyo led administration preferred to reach this venture agreement with DP World of UAE, and noted, “We chose DP World of United Arab Emirates from the other international Companies who have been contending for the investment of Berbera Port, for only that it reflects to the best interest of the country and the people.”

Minister of Presidency Mr. Hashi speaking to the media after Cabinet approved the contract, added that they will subsequently submit the investment agreement to the House of Representatives for final approval during the next week (starting from today). The Minister didn’t mention the exact day or date that they will submit it to the House.


He likewise noted, “The president and his government is a democratically elected one and it has the legal mandate and rights to reach agreements and contracts with anyone that it prefers to be for the good interests of its people, as such there is nothing that can stop us from doing so. Hence we are submitting this contract to the Parliament, for that we want to provide more details related to the terms of the contract as well as dismissing any rumours or suspicion on the agreement.”

“The Port of Berbera can’t be sold out to anyone, and we are not going to do so, as it is a national asset. But it will be invested.” Mahmoud Hashi added, “As we are naïve on such extensive projects, we have hired International field experts to help Somaliland on this venture agreement. We are doing this in order to make sure that everything is clear, transparent and unambiguous.”

Presidency Minister also expressed the strategic importance of Berbera as a regional hub. He added, “Berbera Port is the most strategic port in the horn, and the most important one. It is a cornerstone for Somaliland’s economic development; as such we have been highly committed for getting an investment for it.”