Somaliland: Assialants have sprayed bullets on Fuel tanker

Unknown assialants have sprayed bullets on fuel tanker which was traveling the road between Berbera to Hargeisa.

This was revealed by Saahil regional governor, Fahmi Abdi Bidar who was interviewed by BBC Somali Serices today.

Another assialants have opened fire the road between Shiekh and Berbera.

Mr. Fahmi has confirmed that it is now known the youngesters who started to open fire in the road that links Berbera to Sheikh.

Police who left from Hargeisa and Berbera are pursuing the culprits and wil be brought to justice.

According to provincial governor that five people hailing from Sahil region has been given a month imprisment.

Tensions remian high in Berbera where majority of the residents are strongly against the lease of Berbera Oil Terminal to private investors.