Somaliland: Kulmiye refutes president Silanyo appointed organizing committee

The ruling Kulmiye party has strongly refuted reports circulated through the media outlets saying that the president of Somaliland has appointed a commission tasked to work on the smooth preparation of holding the 5th Central Council Congress.

In a press statement issued by the party’s general secretary, Hasan Said has said that the reports are untrue, baseless and are not based on facts.

He said in the press statement that all of these media circulated reports are intended to create confusion within the party which is now fully gearing up for holding the congress.

He stated that as for the laws and regulation of the party do not allow the creation of an organizing commitee who are tasked to arrange the party to hold its fifth congress.

The preparations are smoothly underway and is now in charge by the secretary general of the party.

He added that the registeration of the members of the central council is underway at the party headquarters and majority of them had their ID’s.

He called on media oulets or individuals that are accustomed of spreading reports full of lies should refrian from that.