Somaliland: Industry Minister endorses Musa Bihi as Torch Bearer

Somaliland’s Minister of Industry, Shuaib Mohamed Muse has endorsed Musa Bihi in which the ruling Kulmiye party’s Central Council congress is expected to choose as the party’s next torch bearer after president Silanyo.

The minister who returned to the country today made the remarks while speaking at Hargeisa airport upon arrival. Mr. Shuaib has admitted that Musa has done many favors for this nation and deserves to be the next leader after president Silanyo.The minister has said that the forthcoming central council congress is talked much at home and abroad.

He affirmed that he threw his weight behind the party chairman, Musa Bihi to cling the ticket to the presidency.

He spoke of the history and during the emancipation struggle against the military regime and the definite role that Musa Bihi played. He concluded that he will give his mind and money in support of Musa Bihi.