Somaliland: Member of House Assembly vying for Kulmiye’s Central council chairman

Hon. Abdirahman Osman Ali alias “Abdirahman Dheere”, a member of house of national assembly of Somaliland has today announced that he is running for the election of the chairman of Kulmiye’s Central Council.

He said that he will appeal to the delegates to choose him. Choosing the chairman of the party’s Central Council is the first task that the party’s delegates will do once they assemble on the 10 of November, 2015.

A local Somaliland newspaper, Geeska Afrika has contacted the MP to make sure that he is contesting for the chairperson of the party’s Central council.

Mr. Abdirahman has respoded that it is true and he has thrown his hat into the ring. He went on to say that he has the right to stand for the post and that it is a dream that he has.

The current chairman of the party’s central council, Jama Ismail Egge alias ” Shabel” in which Geeska Afrika gave a call in order to make sure that he is willing to seek re-election into post.

He declined to speak about whether he is giving up or willing to contest.

He said that he will talk about his candidacy once the delegates come together.

The rival groups which are battling to secure the chairmanship of the central council will be likely to face heated contest.

The group that wins with overwhelming majority will chair the party to choose a presidentail candidate.

political analysts and experts are voicing their worry over whether the party will dismantle just the case of UDUB or will Kulmiye emerge victorious and agreeing to alone presidential contender.

If the party disintegrates the fear is that it may have a negative implications in the national security of Somaliland.