Somaliland: The City of Bristol and Hargeisa to increase cooperation

Bristol-The Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa, Cllr. Abdiaziz Cagoweyne, Somaliland extraordinary Ambassador Hon Kaysar Abdullah Mohamed and members of Somaliland Diaspora development association in Bristol this week meet with the Deputy Mayor of Bristol Lord Mayor , Cllr Alastair Watson ,Cllr Margaret Hickman and Cllr Ron Stone and others members of Bristol international relations committee.

The Deputy Mayors of two cities had discussed ways in which to intensify and expand cooperation and how the city of Bristol can assist in the areas of water development, health and to upgrade of firefighting capabilities among other issues.


Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa, Cllr. Abdiaziz Cagoweyne briefing the media on the meeting said, “Our meeting focused on various clauses that aim at reinforcing the cooperation between the two cities and exchanging expertise in civic works and all this reinforces the strong and deep-rooted relations between the Somaliland and the UK had translated into many areas of cooperation.

Bristol Cllr Hibaq Jama speaking on behalf of the Lord Mayor of Bristol Councillor Clare Campion-Smith currently on Holiday leave said, “We discussed ways of strengthening mutual cooperation and expanding bilateral relations in the field of municipal work, in order to promote good living standards for the citizens of the East African nation so as to counter illegal immigration.

“The city of Bristol seeks to boost cultural exchange by promoting various arts of both countries and consolidate cooperation of youth in the fields of sports and other youth activities”, stated Cllr Hibaq.

The Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa currently in the UK is lobbying for further expanding the existing ties with European nation in all fields.