Somaliland: Efforts to end Qoriley inter-clan hostility commences in Somaliland

Parliamentary level delegation headed by Somaliland First deputy speaker of the house of assembly Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah has left for Sool provincial in order to end  inter clan hostilities that have been raging in Qoriley for the past couple of days.

The delegation is carrying out efforts to settle down recurrent clan clashes in Qoriley.

Mr. Bashe has said that Puntland administration is fueling the intern clan conflict and urged the warning sides to lay down their arms and start dialogue to end the dispute.

He said that the inter clan hostilities raged for the past ten years and the bone of contention is all about water resources and dams in the area.

It is hoped that the reconciliation efforts will pave the way for stopping the contiuing bloodshed in the area.

The skirmishes between clans cost many lives and many fled from Qoriley due to the hostilities that is raging in the area.