Ethiopia: 60 Somali deportees handed over to Somaliland

Federal government of Ethiopia has expelled at least sixty Somali nationals from her country.

The deportees were nabbed during police crack down on illegals and at a time where Ethiopia tightened its national security ahead of US president’s state visit to Addis Ababa.

The deportees have been handed over to Somaliland authority stationed in Tog Wajale, a border town between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

During their arrival at Tog Wajale, some of the deportees have told the press that they were arrested in Addis Ababa days before the arrival of US president Barack Obama on his state visit to Ethiopia last July.

The deportees were among men and women although reports indicate that  some of them were aimed at risking their lives crossing the Sahara desert into Libya to reach the shores of Europe.

Ethiopia is the only country which has recognized the importance of having security, trade and intelligence sharing with Somaliland.