Somaliland: Another Federalist Defector Coming Home

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles.

The people of Somaliland stand on their ground for more than twenty-four years and kept at bay for those who abandoned their cause and joined their country’s enemy in bid to reverse the irreversible.

Ismail Buba is among those who have wasted most of their political career in campaign of smearing Somaliland and precariously claimed Somaliland won’t be separated from the failed state of Somali Republic it ill-advisedly joined in 1960.

Mr. Buba who used to be vocal and strongly against the very existence of Somaliland has now realized that him and those who were sticking with federalism idea have reached the dead end and the only way forward is the road Somaliland is on, back to the reality.

But this is not a surprise for anybody who closely following the political views of those hail from Somaliland and jumped on the Federalist bandwagon, because like others before him who realized that they can’t turn the tide, Mr. Buba has finally woke up and smelled the coffee.

And now he has finally decided to come home and join his people in nation building, the same nation he opposed for a long time and politically campaigned against it. The same nation he used deny to decide its destiny by putting obstacles and politically blocking at the Arab and international political corridors.

No matter how long those who couldn’t persuade Somalilanders to reverse their decision in re-declaring the independence slander Somaliland and equate its cause to that of the failed state of Somalia, the people of Somaliland’s resilience will always resemblance to a battlefield against likes of Buba and others standing their way.

Mr. Buba needs to know that he can not deceive the Somaliland people with his sugar coated announcement of returning home while at the same time intending to continue advocating the failed federalism idea.

The Somaliland government also needs to know that it should not roll out the red carpet for politicians like Mr. Buba who don’t deserve to be befitted in the Somaliland royalty when we all know how adamantly he opposed to and campaigned against Somaliland for such a long time and he now has failed to apologize first or to show any remorse for the terrible blunder he had made all along.