Siilanyo, Suleiman Gaal and the Serious Situation of Somaliland


In the absence of conscientious leadership, chaos descends and fills the vacuum and thereof reigns there. In the absence of true leadership, Somaliland people followed the deceptive voice called by hypocrites from wrong places! That is what we are witnessing in Siilanyo’s administration. That is what Chairman Suleiman Gaal is supporting!

Somaliland people seemed lost. They seemed wondering through the desert to mirage. They seem drinking the sand! They are not drinking the sand because they are thirsty; they are drinking the sand because they do not know the difference! They are bewildered! Respecting the constitution as well as Consultations is a moral duty to be safeguarded. Condemnation of Despotism is a Moral Duty as well. Siilanyo’s administration do not embrace Consultation, they rather embrace Despotism. They decided to resort violence by using special terror paramilitary police called ‘RRU’. They work over time bribing included, to impress sectors of the society that they better accept Despotism rather than Consultation! That is what is happening in Somaliland now and that is what Suleiman is supporting unconditionally!

Imam Sadiq has said: “despotic thinking binds man’s opinion with wrong matters.We sees that in Siilanyo, and in his administration. We see this in Suleiman Gaal
The Imam has also said: “one who always sticks strictly to his own opinion gets destroyed” he also said: “Never consult the one who recommends despotism” Suleiman Gaal supports despotism and Siilanyo’s administration consults those who recommend despotism for him Seeking advice is of much importance in many situation. It is so in Islam as well as in a democratic governments and institutions.

Notwithstanding the strong intelligence the prophet had and not withstanding the divine revelations, the Holy Prophet (s.c.w.s.) had received that he never needed any advice, yet, in order to make Muslims realize the value of importance of consulting (which is also deep rooted in democratic governance) so that they may make it a part of their basic programme of life. And from another angel, with a view to increase the power of thinking in people, he used to call advisory councils for consulting Muslims in common affairs affecting the people and the institutions. He was giving more importance especially to the views of wise person or persons to such an extent that in some matters he even used to give up his own thought and accept that of the advisors. That is the right governing in democracy.

Despite possessing extraordinary power of thinking, the Holy Prophet (s.c.w.s.) used to consult his companions. The following traditions too point toward it:Bottom of Form Islam emphasizes the importance and great benefits ofconsultation. This meritorious practice of immense benefit is strongly recommended to those who are for good deeds. As a matter of principle, those who carry on their important works with mutual consultation seldom fall in fault. On the contrary, people who are victims of the evil of despotism and who think that they never need anyone’s advice, even if they are extraordinarily intelligent, make serious and dangerous mistakes resulting in great sorrow and pain. Apart from this, the mentality of dictatorship drags down the personality of man in the eyes of the people. They cause stagnation of thought, destroy capabilities and in this way they waste the greatest human faculty of a society.

Amirul Momineen (RC.) says in one of his sermons: “No support is more satisfying than Consultation.” ThusConsultations must be our guide but the two cousins Siilanyo and Suleiman are not in favor of this!

Morally bankrupt hubris willfully or otherwise by utter ignorance, political opportunism, clanism and or sheer ignorance of how to run a government had driven Siilanyo’s administration in to a ditch. This happened mainly due to the absence of conscionable and conscientious leadership in that ill-fated administration.


Are (the due) Siilanyo and Suleiman menaces to Somaliland?

The prophet of Allah (sallallahu-clayhi-wasallam) in one of his gems of wisdom said: “He who resorts to “Istikharah” will not be at a loss; and he who resorts to “Consultation” will never regret.” Mr. Siilanyo would never have been regretted if he consulted with the founders and with the wise people of Somaliland whom he and his collection hated them. The question is, is he really regretting it at all? Suleiman Gaal and Siilanyo already rejected this prophetic call which is Consultation and coming together for matters which concerns ALL!

Why the ‘due’ (Suleiman Gaal and Siilanyo) hasten on the evil in preference to the good?! Why are they in war with the constitution, with the unity and the brotherhood of the people of Somaliland, with democracy and with every one who differs with their selfish and destructive actions? Why the two old men not turn off evil with good for such there is accomplishment for Somaliland as well as there is the final attainment of the eternal home? For such there is goodness for all of us and there is success for Somaliland. We don’t know why they don’t want to go there and do good deeds instead of evil, but we are wondering why they are doing this to Somaliland!?

Why do they reject consultations in matters which would otherwise damage the cause of the nation?! ‘Lima tastacgiluuna al sayiah qablal xasanah’- “Why ye hasten on the evil, in preference to the good? Why ye not turn off evil with good for such there is the final attainment of the eternal home?”(Al ayah)
Virtues of Consultation, Conflict Resolution, Compromise and Common ground

Were, and are the billers of Somaliland and of any sustainable entity. These are :
a) in the Quran.

b) They are in the sayings of the prophet.

c) They are in the traditions of the “Saxaaba”

d) They are in all just and democratic governments and societies in any place, any where.

Those who are rejecting these values and the noble call for coming together and for Consultation and corrections of the mistakes committed by them knowingly or otherwise are:
1- Against all the norms of just and democratic governance

2- They are against the Quranic mercy and advice to mankind

3- They are against the Sayings of the prophet (scws)

4- They are against the traditions of “Saxaaba” (rc)

5- They are against our (Somaliland) own traditions

6- They are against the reasons why people gave their vote to them

7- They are against their own party manifesto and promises

8- They are against the reason why Somaliland was founded in the first place.
When they are against all these virtuous deeds then what are they for?

They exhibited that they are for their selfish personal and clanic interest

It seems that those who are declining Consultations of matters of national concern embraced Despotic thinking.
Sycophants and ‘Guulwadayaal’ of the administration and of the House of Representatives, and of the ‘Guurti’ and from Kulmiye party are all at task for an illegitimate and undesirable renewal of the term of a failed President. Rewarding a president for a job not done by extending his term of office against the will of the people is creating a despot president who is not accountable to the people. he may be accountable to the accomplice of this illegal rewarding of a president who has failed. That is what Suleiman Gaal is up to and that is what Siilanyo and the oligarchies who run the country on his behalf want to. Suleiman Gaal and oligarchies supportreadily and solemnly his cousin Mr. Siilanyo even when he is very wrong! It is not acceptable to extend illegally for elements in the Presidency who are not elected but run the government as widely believed.

Somaliland leadership better strive to bring alive the above mentioned vital practice in all facets and matters of their individual, governmental and collective lives. Whenever any issue of importance arises; before making any decision, always resort to Consultation

Suleiman Gaal, the chairman of the   (expired) Guurti and Siilanyo, the President of Somaliland whose term will expire in two months of this date already rejected Consultation and corrections! In so doing the are inviting discontent and violence in Somaliland and the region at large.
The prophet of Allah (sallallahu-clayhi-wasallam) in one of his gems of wisdom said: “He who resorts to “Istikharah” will not be at a loss; and he who resorts to “Consultation” will never regret.” Mr. Siilanyo would never have been regretted if he consulted with the founders and with the wise people. The question is, is he really regretting it at all?
It is a moral absurdity to reject the rule of law and the constitution. It is also a moral absurdity to reject Consultation when it comes to national issues, when the fate of the nation is at stake. Only un-ambitious person might do this sensibleness which means a person who has no ambition for his country and for his country men.

More over we have to recognize the dept every living Somalilanders owes for those who liberated us and for those who found the lost 1st Republic of Somaliland of 1960 with their blood and treasure and established the 2nd Republic.

On the other hand one may feel not sure to reason and expect rationale responses other then defensive insults from unreasonable people. This seems an unreasonable approach. I believe a staunch believer of Somaliland cause can reason with the unreasonable people running the affairs of Somaliland by showing them that they can not get away with the destruction of Somaliland. It is how one may reason with the unreasonable belly and pocket driven people of no conscience Somaliland is safe only when every one of us is safe. If one of us is not safe none of us are save, because we live in one house and that is Somaliland house and we must not accept Siilanyo and Suleiman to burn our house.
we have to come together, we have to Consult, Compromise and Cooperate. We have to respect the constitution and the will of the people. We have to help Siilanyo and Suleiman to come to their sense
“Why ye not turn off evil with good for such there is the final attainment of the eternal home? For such there is goodness for all of us and there is success for Somaliland and the region at large.” “Why Siilanyo and Suleiman Gaal hasten on the evil in preference to the good?” the “Due” must change and come to their sense or we have to change them for ever and forewith, to save Somaliland and the region which already has enough.

Peace and prayers

Ibrahim Mead