Somalia: Cargo ship runs aground in Bosaso

A commercial vessel transporting cement has sunk near the port of Bosaso after it failed to dock at the port.

A spokesman for the company importing the consignment told journalists the ship is currently stuck at the shore and that efforts were underway to rescue it.

Ismail Hussein from Barwaqo company said the ship was transporting six tones of cement from the Gulf when it failed to dock at the port.

He noted boats had been dispatched to the area to salvage the cargo.

It was not immediately clear what happened to the ship. This is the second incident in two years involving the port of Bosaso.

In 2018, a ship carrying 15 tones of cargo ran aground near the port. Boats were deployed to offload the cargo from the ship.

Dubai’s P&O Ports won a 30 year concession in 2017 to develop and manage Bosaso port at the cost of $336 million.