Somaliland: Lasanod energy supply is God-send, says happy residents

Residents of Lasanod in Sool enjoy a better energy services supply and billing system than the rest of the country, hence pay 70% to 80% less than practically elsewhere.

According to correspondent Ahmed Mohammed Suleiman who has just returned from the region, the power lighting supply, its billing and its cost is manna from heaven as far as the residents are concerned.

Due to respite got courtesy of the suppliers, the consumers used to pay through their noses like the rest of the nation is currently doing.

“The electricity company is God-send”, he quotes small business lady Fosia Mohammed Jibril as exclaiming.

“The services from Gurmad is unparalleled in the country given the 30 cents USD cost per unit”, she said.

The billing system is equally superb since it has a pre and post paid Sim-card service, where by insertion or removal of the card is in itself a wonderful cut-out system.

It is all thanks to the pioneering social public solar energy production and supply introduced in Lasanod.

The correspondent says that each and every corner of the streets in the town are flooded with light that has been lit by Gurmad Company which goes down well in helping the maintenance of peaceful stability as far as muggings are concerned; something to be greatly envied by the larger cities in the country.

In an article he filed in our sister paper, the Lasanod residents quoted are pompously heaping praises and blessings to the suppliers who have achieved, as they exhibited, unparallel and exemplary cost and supply services.

On the other hand the Gurmad CEO Mohammed Abdirahman Arale also known as Jabutawi who is definitely beaming with hails of praises and glowing with tributes of blessings from his clients has asked the residents to take the opportunity in all circles of their energy consumption needs; from hotels to private rooms since it has the capacity production of 600kwt.

Given the fact that his is a pioneering one in this field by engaging solar energy as a public supply means, the services should be emulated countrywide hence the environment can be monumentally be saved.

It is worth noting that the rest of the country exorbitantly pays a dollar (hundred cents) per unit of electricity supplied to homes. Some are said to be even more!