Somaliland: The Joint Technical Committee on Somaliland /Khatuumo “administration” Reconciliation Talks issue a Five Point Declaration

The Government of Somaliland and Khatumo “administration” signed an agreement, consisting of five main points meant to thrash out the existing political differences.

The two sides reached a common understanding on several issues  among the Unity, Power sharing, Coexistence, Development and a untied stance against enemies during the meeting held in Hargeisa which is a follow up of previous which took place in neighbouring Djibouti and first meeting which took place in Addis Abba, Ethiopia on the 21/12/2016.

In a statement released on Saturday by the joint technical committee on Somaliland /Khatuumo reconciliation talks committee stated as follows: –

  1. The government of Somaliland and Khatuumo “administration” should exert more efforts to formalise a bidding deal.
  2. The two sides to continue to work together to diverse a working solution which guarantees an inclusive and fair of the distribution of wealth and power, good governance and human rights protection, based on Islam values and which all citizens are equal.
  1. To review/ rewrite the constitution, secure an equal distribution of political power in all government institutions such the legislative, judicial branch and state-owned agencies.
  2. The De-centralisation of Administrative Powers of regions, districts and towns and setting out i special laws for each of them.
  3. To convene a meeting on the 10th of July 2017 in Burao town meant resolve outstanding differences and at the same time organize the holding of a national consultation meeting.