Somaliland: Interior Minister settles tribal conflicts in eastern regions

Somaliland’s Interior Minister Yasin Haji Mohamud Hiir is currently on a peacebuilding mission in Somaliland’s far-eastern regions.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Interior, Hiir has held several peacebuilding workshops over the past few days with residents in Dhumays, Goobdheere, and Dabataag.

Hiir told the residents that there is no longer any need to carry weapons, as elders from both tribes have reconciled. Hiir also told residents to report any suspicious activity to the Interior Minister immediately.

“There is no need to carry any weapons. If you see anyone engaging in tribal violence, or anyone stirring tribal-related violence, give us a call and we will deal with it immediately,” Hiir told the crowd.

Hiir is the first Interior Minister to hail from the Dhulbahante clan, the dominant clan in Somaliland’s far southeastern regions.

President Silanyo’s government has played a strong role in ending historic tribal conflicts in the country’s eastern regions over the past few years.