Somaliland: Camel kills man in Togdheer region

A 10-year-old camel reportedly killed a man in the town of Balidhig, Togdheer region, according to a report aired by Horn Cable TV on Monday.

The victim, Awil Garuf, was killed by a 10-year-old camel on Sunday night.

Abdiqani Saleeban Shire, a resident of Balidhig, spoke to Horn Cable TV about the incident, describing the horrific attack.

“This 10-year-old camel ate Awil Garuf last night. We rushed Awil to the nearest hospital after the attack, but unfortunately, he did not make in time,” Shire said.

“The camel’s mouth is covered with deceased’s blood. We have no doubts that the Camel killed Awil,” Shire said.

The incident has left local residents in shock as Somaliland’s camels are not known to be violent.