Somaliland: Khatumo leader wants Somaliland to return to 1960 power-sharing model

Khatumo leader Ali Khalif Galaydh is reportedly willing to support a united Somaliland – but only under one condition.

In an interview with Kalsan TV, Abdinasir Garad Abshir Salah, Somaliland’s Presidential Advisor for Eastern Somaliland issues, said Galaydh wants the country to return to the regional power sharing model that was used for Somaliland’s parliamentary elections in 1960.

“Ali Khalif is ready to support a United Somaliland if the country adopts the 1960 regional power-sharing model,” Salah said.

Marodi-Jeh, Sahil, Togdheer, Awdal, Sanaag, and Sool were the only regions that existed in 1960.

As of 2017, the Republic of Somaliland currently has thirteen administrative regions.

Khatumo and the Government of the Republic of Somaliland are expected to begin the third round of peace talks within the coming weeks.

It is not known how the two sides will negotiate power sharing, as Somaliland’s current population is much larger than the population that existed in 1960. The numbers in the six original regions are also no longer the same.

81,366 people voted in Somaliland’s Parliamentary elections in 1960. Close to 900,000 citizens are on the voter’s list for Somaliland’s Presidential elections in November 2017. The country currently has a population of 4.5 million and it is excepted to grow within the coming years.

Somaliland’s first parliament under 1960 power-sharing model:

  • MARODI-JEH had 7 parliamentarians – 21% of the seats.
  • AWDAL had 5 parliamentarians – 15% of the seats.
  • SAHIL had 5 parliamentarians – 15% of the seats.
  • TOGHDEER had 6 parliamentarians – 18% of the seats.
  • SANAAG had 5 parliamentarians – 15% of the seats.
  • SOOL had 5 parliamentarians – 15% of the seats.