Burao: President Donates Tricycles to the Disabled, First Lady Laptops to Deaf Kids

TricyclesUpon arrival in Burao, Togdheer region, the President of the Republic of Somaliland donated, on Thursday, 130 tricycles comprising of two different makes to the disabled citizens. The gesture was jubilantly welcomed by the recipients who said the first of its kind to reach them ever from any leader in Somaliland – neither did it ever come from the political parties.

Tricycles1“These citizens need to be helped in any which possible, and we, the Somaliland government are in power to do such that and similar ones in order to underline that they are valued citizens that can themselves to the development of the nation,” the President said.

The donation was handed over to the beneficiaries through DAN -a national organization that advocates for the disabled.

On the other hand, Somaliland First Lady Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde today handed at least 30 laptops and one printer to Burao School of deaf focused on empowering them with skills and training through education so as to better serve their community in the future.

Also addressing the handover ceremony were members of the national deaf association stated the challenges facing the school and for the need to establish a fully-fledged training center for deaf students aimed at providing training in Computer Courses, Typewriting, English and Various Vocational Skills so as to provide a platform to deaf girls to show their talents, and confidence.

The committee stated that the amount of $50,000 would be needed to establish such facility and that local businessmen had already pledged to contribute $20,000 but lacked the remaining $30,000 , this prompted the Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan speaking on behalf of the current administration to pledge to contribute $30,000 for completion of the project.