Somalia is crafting Soldiers-Of-Fortune in South Eastern Region of Somaliland

In last three years, the elected government of Somaliland persuaded KHAATUMO leaders to peaceful solution over their apprehensions. Dr. Ali Galaydh, the forefather of the group, hailed the negotiation with Somaliland.  The two sides, Somaliland and KHAATUMO, agreed to build peace and development in the South Eastern region of Somaliland.

Somaliland government is committed to promote peace in the region, and organized three consecutive consultation meetings with KHAATUMO representatives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Djibouti, as part of the peace-building efforts. Somaliland promised to develop the education and other social services in the region including new hospitals, as the region is underdeveloped compare to other parts of Somaliland due to security.

As goodwill step, Somaliland Ministry of Health inaugurated new hospital in Buhodle city. In other hand, KHAATUMO supported the voter registration campaign in the region by Somaliland National Election Commission (NEC), presidential election scheduled on Dec 2017.  More than 80,000 voters registered in the process predominantly at Buhodle city.

In last 26 years, Somaliland government never used force to bring the region under its control except few incidents where armed militia attacked Somaliland National Army from Buhodle city, and army responded in a self-defense.  Somaliland ensures peaceful coexistence between the tribes in the eastern regions of Somaliland, where the army established bases at two towns (Saxadheer & Dharkayngenyo) near the border with Ethiopia to stop any clan violence.

Such peace, development and democracy angered the administration in Mogadishu led by newly nominated President Mohamed Farmajo, who is tirelessly working on failing the peace and development in the region. Mogadishu regime arms a local militia against the government of Somaliland, which leads to instability in the region.

Last April, the nominated leader of Somalia Farmajo ordered the supply of military equipment and arms to abovementioned militia near Buhodle city through Puntland. The arms reached to the militia via the border with Ethiopia.

Farmajo expressed his anger towards Somaliland in his university graduation thesis, where he blackmailed tribes in Somaliland, and accused them for destroying the regime of Siyad Barre (Somalia 1969 – 1988). He vowed to take revenge against those failed Barre regime, because Farmajo had important role in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as he was kinsman of Siyad Barre.

Farmajo was promoted within the ministry quickly without considering experience and level of education, until he reached First Secretary at Somalia Embassy in Washington. After collapse of Barre regime, Farmajo started schooling until higher education.

Chairman and Presidential Candidate of UCID Party in Somaliland Faisal Ali Warabe accused Farmajo for creating a new militia in Buhodle city under the slogan of Somalia Army. Warabe underscored that Farmajo’s hidden intent is to use such militia against Somaliland and to create chaos and instability in the region.

“Farmajo is planning to disband the current Somalia army and build a new army with his tribesmen making the majority. He is daydreaming of reestablishing a regime similar to Siyad Barre administration” Warabe continued saying “Siyad Barre who led the fall of Somalia is role model for Farmajo. He confirmed that such dream will not be achieved easily”.

He underscored that Farmajo expressed, in public speech, his willingness to rehire the ex-military officials of Siyad Barre regime, which is danger due to their bad human rights record.

The result of Farmajo’s plan will create a new clan-based army, which could fuel the division between the tribes of Somalia.  Such delusional plan undermines the efforts of previous governments in Somalia, and will be setback to current military in Somalia.

As first step to Farmajo plan of creating new tribe based army, officials from Somalia visited Buhodle city to gather soldiers based on 4.5 system. This is clear violation to Somaliland sovereignty, and undermines the negotiation between Somaliland and Somalia on their future political relationship. Farmajo administration should respect international border between Somaliland and Somalia, and if such violations continue then Somaliland will be obligated to use force.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government of Ethiopia should be aware of the armament plan of Farmajo against Somaliland at the border city of Buhodle; this weapons partially went to ONLF fighters. Farmajo is underplaying by saying that his government is establishing Somalia Army in Buhodle but the question is: is there terrorists in Buhodle? The city is stable and Somaliland is fully controlling all the surrounding areas of Buhodle City. Somalia army need to fight Al-Shabab instead of destabilizing the neighboring countries like Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May, along with international community is hosting a meeting for Somalia in London to improve the peace and accelerate fight against Al-Shabab, including gather more support for African Forces (AMISOM).  The meeting will discuss making the current Somalia army a decent and regulated army.  If such support gets into hands of Farmajo and his henchmen, then more chaos and tribe fighting will be inevitable. The international community should monitor and control any financial aid to Somalia closely.

In other hand, the international community must support Somaliland army and police in order to dismantle the terrorists created by the Farmajo and Al-Shabab in Buhodle city.  The world must work with those who helped themselves instead of spending money and energy on others who failed to create government and decent life to its people.