Somaliland: Health Minister receives hero’s welcome in Buhoodle

Somaliland’s Health Minister, Saleeban Ahmed Isse arrived in the southeastern city of Buhoodle to large cheering crowds on Wednesday.

The Vice President of Somalia’s regional state of Puntland, Abdihakim Abdullahi Haji Omar secretly visited the town on Monday, and met with a small group of his fellow kinsmen for a quick meeting, before departing back to Garowe, Puntland’s regional capital.

Somaliland’s national armed forces stationed in the region were tipped off by local residents but were not able to arrest Omar in time.

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Hundreds of Buhoodle residents came out to welcome Isse on Wednesday, reaffirming their support for a united Somaliland.

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“The purpose of my visit is to spread awareness and to announce social and health initiatives that will soon take place in this town, now that God has blessed us with rain” said Isse.

Isse reminded the crowds that a united Somaliland is the only viable option for Buhoodle and that Puntland regional state has nothing to offer Buhoodle’s residents.

“Where was Puntland when Buhoodle’s residents were starving? Where was Puntland when Buhoodle’s residents were suffering from illnesses?” Isse questioned the crowd

Puntland claims the Republic of Somaliland’s eastern regions based on kinship ties with the regions’ Darod residents.

As of 2017, all regions are under the full control of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland.