Somaliland: Dr. Bulhan to promote Somaliland’s case for recognition in Mogadishu

A renowned Somalilander scholar is taking Somaliland’s case for international recognition to neighboring Somalia, in an effort to win over intellectuals in the country.

Dr. Hussein Abdullahi Bulhan, founder and President of Hargeisa’ Frantz Fanon University and one of Somaliland’s most respected scholars, says the time has come for the nation’s civil society to promote Somaliland’s case for international recognition in neighbouring Somalia.

“Somaliland’s civil society shouldn’t negotiate with leaders in Somalia, that is the responsibility of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland, but we should debate with intellectuals in Somalia and push our case forward by giving lectures and spreading awareness,” Bulhan said

“Even if I’m able to convince 20 Somali intellectuals out of 100 to support my arguments, it is beneficial for our cause,” said Bulhan.

Dr. Bulhan also said that he has alerted Somaliland’s government about his trip and that he’s received their full blessing to embark on the trip.

Somalia’s refusal to recognize Somaliland as an independent country is the only factor preventing Somaliland from receiving international recognition.