Somaliland: Reports: 8 senior Waddani officials threaten to quit party

Eight senior officials within Somaliland’s main opposition party, Waddani, are threatening to rescind their party membership, according to local reports.

An anonymous source within the opposition party told local media outlet Burao Online that Waddani is currently going through internal political turmoil, and eight ‘senior officials’ are threatening to quit the party.

The source did not provide Burao Online with the names of all the officials involved but did state that MP Ibrahim Rayte and MP & Waddani party spokesman Ibrahim Mahdi Buubaa are among the group.

Other media outlets in Somaliland are also reporting that they have been approached by sources within the party confirming the reports.

It is not known what caused the internal turmoil and whether the officials will actually leave the party.

Many Somalilanders are shocked to hear the news of the dispute, as Rayte and Buubaa are widely considered to be among Waddani’s most active party officials and parliamentarians.