Somaliland: Disabled citizens will get more help from central government, says National Planning Minister

Somaliland’s National Planning Minister says the government will be developing new national programs and initiatives to aid disabled citizens around the country.

National Planning Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Adan, announced the pledged on Wednesday as he presented a group of disabled citizens with new mobility scooters.

“The Government recognizes the plight of disabled citizens, and the struggles they face. That being said, more programs will be rolled out over the next 5 years to ease the difficulties our fellow citizen are currently facing,” Adan said.

“I am also calling on NGO’s and charities based in Somaliland to also focus on the needs of Somaliland’s disabled citizens,” said Adan.

President Silanyo’s government became the first government in the Somaliland’s history to focus on the plight of disabled citizens in 2015, after initiating a national program to supply disabled citizens with new mobility scooters.